Europress is a company with ideas and service, being an innovator and problem solver for over 25 years.  They specialise in all aspects of recycling, from transport and sorting through to pressing and binding on a range of products, including paper, plastics, cardboard and even straw; the type of product that many people think of when the word ‘baler’ is mentioned, if they are not involved in the recycling industry!  Their products include:

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We have been serving our customers for more than 25 years, developing high-quality solutions for the area of waste compression to secure quality, save energy and reduce costs. It is essential for our success that we listen to our customers, respect their wishes and suggestions, and deal with all individual requirements.

We don’t just build machines and systems, we build systems and machines especially for you.  As a particularly service-oriented company that places great value on flexibility, we offer just the solutions our customers need. We develop and produce our products according to the present individual requirements and will find the right answers to project-related or environment related tasks.  

Our high-quality range of products customised individually to our customers' needs comprises stationary and mobile channel baling presses as well as, among others, scrap presses, conveyor belts, dosage bunkers and sorting systems.

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