Higgins Balers

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Europress Channel Presses
Well Compressed: Channel Presses that live up to the Challenges of the Market

Europress Series of channel balers

Horizontal or vertical strapping

Stable design of the basic frame

Height adjustment of the compression shield

Available with twine tying

Roller Blocks

Easy maintenance or replacement of the complete unit as every roller is equipped with its own shaft.  

The rollers of the press ram are adjustable via a fine screw on the rollers, so it is possible to set the height.  This along with being able to set the blade space for a perfect cut, results in longer lifetime of wear parts.

Easy maintenance

The guides and floor are all separate parts, fitted with screws.  The floor is made of Hardox and the guides of polyamide.  All are easily accessible and easily replaced.  The guides also have a scraper for cleaning, ensuring less wear.

Additional items to enhance your machine

Secondary hydraulic unit for faster switching between different working processes

Rear cylinder support, with gimbal bearing

Closing plates in press floor

Optional additional wire tie for cross tying

Fast Run Cylinder

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