Industrias Hidráulicas, s.a., with the Moros brand, are specialists in the design and manufacture a wide range of equipment for the processing of scrap and other waste, including pre-compression shears (500 to 1250 ton shearing capacity), mobile shears (500,600 and 800 ton capacity), and balers (up to 800 ton final compression force) for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In addition Higgins Balers Ltd and Industrias Hidraulicas are working together on the design and manufacture of a new 2 Ram machine that is suitable for a wide range of waste.

These are all efficient, heavy duty machines for high productivity and minimum maintenance.

When working with machines such as the materials handlers and grabs of the Minelli cousins, we can provide the solution for all your recycling needs.

A privately owned company based in Zaragosa (Spain), Moros have been manufacturing scrap processing equipment since the 1960’s.   We at Higgins Balers have been part of their UK agencies for the past 25 years supporting their sales of paper and plastic processing machinery.  We are now the exclusive agents in the UK and Ireland, with the retirement of Phil Keatley bringing the metal processing side into our remit.

You can read more about their range of equipment in our brochure.

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Industrias Hidráulicas S.A. “MOROS” has been designing and manufacturing machinery for more than 56 years. Their range includes high quality balers, shear-balers and rotary shears for working with ferrous and non-ferrous materials, in the following categories:

Their machinery for recycling can be adapted to any customers needs.

Moros Log linked to their website

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