Higgins Balers

Moros GCV Baling Presses
Profitability in High Density: High Density Baler

High density with lower production

Installation without foundations required

Screwed cylinders at the bottom for easy maintenance

Large cutting box

Designed to be un-jammable

The cutting is done vertically with the second compression and there is no fixed bridge of blades but an actual V-shaped guillotine system.

Due to the absence of the fixed bridge of blades, the loading area is bigger since it can use the last compression box. In addition, the cutting force is much higher: because it is done with the second compression instead of the first one, providing nearly twice as much cutting force.

High Density Bales and High Production Rates

It incorporates the latest innovations in electronics and filtering, reducing maintenance stops. The latest trends in hydraulics allow very short baling cycles with minimum energy consumption. Submerged pumps to reduce noise emissions.

You can compare different example models within the GCV range of presses and read about the advantages of this machine.

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Moros GCV Presses Moros HP1400 100 80-8 Summary Specification