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Moros Portable Shears
Portable Scrap Shear with Outrigger and Pre-Compression Wings

Moros HA Portable Scrap Shear

Reinforced structure

High cutting speeds and efficiency levels

Split hinge for easy maintenance

Grooved guiding in the hold down

Exclusive Moros design of the wings

The innovative design lets you close the machine fast if working with light scrap, thanks to the combined flat and rounded surfaces in a single wing.  Unlike with a conventional wing, you can process heavy scrap with this engineered corner in the wing.  Furthermore, the over compression mode lets you compress the scrap in the pre-compression box.

Efficient and Fast Hydraulics

Hydraulic re-circulation and combined movements of the cylinders (precise positioning control throughout the stroke) enables high efficiency and production rates.

Moros Mobile and Portable Scrap Shears Summary Specification