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In order to support all aspects of the recycling industry and to protect workers from the hidden dangers posed by radioactive sources, we can supply RadComm radiation detection equipment and training on how to use this effectively.

If you are unsure of the dangers posed by radioactive sources, read our summary information on radioactivity and its risks.

A vehicle system, such as the RC2069 can be set up over a weighbridge, (in and/or out) as well as over rail tracks, automatically scanning the load for any increase in radiation above the normal background count, and alert the operator if radiation is detected.  RadComm has several sizes of radiation detection assemblies to facilitate all your possible applications for vehicle radiation detection.  Each system can have difference areas of coverage and number of PMT’s (Photo Multiplier Tubes); small trucks may only require a 34 litre system, whilst larger lorries passing through would benefit from a 138 litre system.  For more accurate isotopic detection there is the NeuSpec crystal system.

A handheld device, such as the RC2 Plus, is a useful tool to help locate the source more accurately (used within your company and HSE guidelines for dealing with any sources).  Designed specifically for the scrap metals industry, the Portable Radiation Detector is an extremely effective handheld device.  It is fully automatic and designed to allow fast and easy inspection of areas, containers or vehicles that may contain radioactive materials, or to verify or separate radioactive materials that have triggered radioactive alarms on large scale detection systems.

For those times when continuous monitoring is required as scrap is handled and moved, RadComm has designed the a highly sensitive radiation detection systems that fit directly on the grapple or can be suspended over a conveyor as they recognised the need for better and more reliable radiation protection . Designed to continuously monitor scrap material without interruption in production.

With a reputation second to none, RadComm is the radiation detection system to install, due to their overall higher sensitivity; detecting sources other systems miss.  Find out more, by clicking on the system or contact us for further details or for an informal conversation about your requirements and how we can help with your radiation detection requirements.

Most Popular items in the RadComm Range of Equipment

Vehicle Systems

Portable Systems

Mounted Systems

Prevent costly radioactive contamination of your premises, equipment, product & personnel

Enhanced sensitivity for locating sources

Find radioactive sources that other radiation detection systems miss

RadComm RC2069 in situ

RadComm Rc2 Plus portable radiation detector

RadComm Cricket Grapple mounted detector




More than an entry level system, the RC2000 is the most common series of vehicle detector used in scrap yards…

Zero in on a potential radioactive source quickly and more effectively with an RC2 PLUS.

Cricket Grapple is the world’s leading, most rugged, highest sensitive radiation detection grapple mounted system on the market!

RadComm RC4138 in situ

RadComm RC22 & RC23 wand portable radiation detector

RadCoom Cricket Magnet mounted radiation detection system


RC22 &  RC23 WAND


The RC2000 can be upgraded to, or you could start with, the RC4000 series, with its enhanced software capabilities.

Pinpoint a potential radioactive source quickly and safely with an RC22 or RC23 Wand for a longer reach.

Cricket Magnet is the world’s leading, most rugged, highest sensitive radiation detection magnet mounted system on the market!

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Additional Vehicle Systems

Additional Portable Systems

Additional Mounted Systems

RadComm RC2W34-2 vehicle radiation detection system

RadComm Syclone portable gamma detector

RadComm conveyor belt systems




The RC2W34-2 is an ideal radiation detector for entry level, easy to install, maintain and can be upgraded.

The SYCLONE is a highly sensitive portable Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying single or multiple isotopes simultaneously. It also provides functions such as Search and Find, Rate Meter, and (accumulated) Dose Rates

The conveyor belt radiation detection system provides an extremely high degree of protection for the reliable detection of low-level radioactive material.

RadComm RC5000 RC7000 NeuSpec

RadComm MSpec portable spectrometer

RC5000 / RC7000 NEUSPEC


NEUSPEC utilises gamma spectra energy deconvolution techniques, which is a significant improvement over conventional PVT scintillator based systems.

The MSpec portable Fast Responding Radiation Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity, whether it is General Waste, Medical Waste, or Scrap Metal.

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