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Moros HP Scrap Shears
Performance, Reliability and Productivity: a Scrap Shear with Side Compression and Adjustable Angle SystemMoros HP Scrap Shear

Side compression

Adjustable angle system for parallel or angular mode

Closed casting guillotine

Non-jamming process

Reinforced Structure

After years of production, the HP is now established in the market, thanks to its numerous technical advantages, as the best example of structural construction that characterizes Moros.  It includes interchangeable high-strength steel wear plates in all areas in contact with the scrap.

Technical Innovations

The exclusive Moros system stops scrap jamming at the side of the box when the angle adjustable block is turned. It avoids the scrap to jam the pre-compression process. This

reduces unscheduled stops and allows the block to be set to maximum. This model also includes state of the art filtering technologies, positioning cylinder control, double

hydraulic circuits and system control technologies.  Find out about the lateral block and how it works here along with advantages to using an HP shear.


The closed casting guillotine reinforces its structure. Extended V-shaped prismatic guide ways, adjustable and automatically greased to reduce wearing and increase cutting accuracy.

See the HP1100 in action on our YouTube Channel: HERE

Moros HP Series Summary Specification