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We have access to a range of metal processing machinery, from magnets to balers and shears, in a range of sizes, both new and used. Clicking on the picture or the machine name will enable you to see any additional images and information we have. If we have a specification sheet available this can be downloaded as a pdf, or talk to us for further information.

We try to update this area of the website regularly but there are always machines arriving that may not have made it to this page yet…contact us for further details or for an informal conversation about your requirements and how we can help.  We are able to refurbish and service any of the machines we have for sale.

Shears / Shear Balers:

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McIntyre 150 Shear

For a wide range of UK and internationally held stock, not owned by us, please see our sister site: RMI

Moros HF30 in our yard

McIntyre 400 Alligator Shear

McIntyre 150 Alligator Shear


HF30 Shear

McIntyre 400 Alligator Shear

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