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               SYSTEM COMPONENTS

               SORTING SYSTEMS


              EUROPRESS Umwelttechnik GmbH is a medium-sized mechine building company based
              in  the  north  of  Germany  and  a  member  of  the  Neuenhauser  Group.  We  have  been
              developing  and producing high value environmental technology for a variety of
              procedures for over 25 years. Transporting, sieving, sorting and binding of various
              material is our main core business. Our machines and sorting systems  provide
              specific  solutions,  which  are  designed  and  built  according  to  your  requirements.  This
              means that they can be perfectly integrated into your processes – an investment that
              pays off.
              EUROPRESS  Umwelttechnik  is  distinguished  by its uncompromising orientation
              towards its customers and quality and its understanding of a supplier relationship as a
              partner-ship, which forms the foundation for healthy growth.

              We    endeavour     to   provide    innovative    and    sustainable    solutions    with   an
              appropriate price-performance ratio.

              With over 50 years’ experience in the recycling industry, long before the 3 R's of Reduce
              Reuse Recycle became fashionable, our innovative approaches to providing solutions to
              customers  requirements,  make  us  the  ideal  partner  for  Europress.  By  providing  a
              professional,  impartial  advice,  a  full  range  of  equipment  along  with  the  service  and
              support to ensure your system runs continuously and smoothly, no matter what waste
              you are dealing with we at Higgins Balers Ltd have the expertise for all your recycling and
              waste management needs.

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