Page 5 - Higgins Balers Ltd with Europress Brochure
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           EUROPRESS Umwelttechnik develops, designs             We place the focus on the sustainability of our
           and manufactures custom-built solutions for           solutions within the context of your production
           compressing of a wide range of materials.             processes between input and output. You pro-
                                                                 vide both of these to us.
           We compensate the energy-intensive high
           wear processes with unique, newly developed           With our i product line, in particular, we have
           technologies.                                         intelligent and innovative solutions for chan-
                                                                 nel  baling presses  in response to  the in-
           The ability to minimise wear costs and opti-          creasing demands of legislation, which will
           mise machine availability for the total period        play a crucial role in your success.
           of use of a machine has an increasing eco-
           nomic significance and is considered in the
           design of our machines.

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