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                                                                    EUROPRESS Umwelttechnik also manufac-
                                                                    tures all of its products in the area of materials
                                                                    handling itself.

                                                                    Solid transport technology forms the base for
                                                                    most other processes such as sorting, sepa-
                                                                    rating, or compression.

                                                                    EUROPRESS Umwelttechnik offers the most
                                                                    reliable and the highest quality transporting
                                                                    technology, which is suitable for a multitude
                                                                    of applications.

                                                                    · Chain belt conveyors (KGF)
                                                                    · Sliding belt conveyors (GGF)
                                                                    · Plate-belt conveyors (PGF)
                                                                    · Troughed belt conveyors (MGF)

                                                                    Each conveyor belt is made according to the
                                                                    specifications, which are compiled together
                                                                    with our customers.

                                                                    Service and ease of maintenance as well as
                                                                    extreme durability as a result of special wear
                                                                    protection are also the focus of our efforts.

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