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When the existing machine is uneconomic to repair, unsuited to the current business needs or simply an additional machine is required, we can supply a comprehensive range of new machinery.  With our partnerships with leading manufacturers, we can support your waste management needs, providing a full compliment of shears, balers, conveyors and material handlers and more.  We can also ensure you and your workforce are safe, with RadComm Radiation Detection equipment. You can find out more by clicking on our partners logo or name:


Automatic Channel Balers, static and mobile

Conveyors and Conveying Systems

Sorting Systems

Moros – Industrias Hidráulicas

Scrap Metal Processing Balers & Shears

Horizontal Automatic Channel Paper Balers



Radiation Detection for Mobile Material Handlers

Static Weighbridge Systems

Portable Detectors and Static Analysers


Vertical Balers

Horizontal Balers: Manual & Automatic Tie

Minelli Material Handlers

Material Handlers for a variety of purposes

Ability to attach a wide range of Grab Devices


Wide range of Grab Devices, from polyps to buckets, including magnets and rotation

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For All Your Recycling Needs

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