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Technical innovations
        The  exclusive  MOROS  system  stops
        scrap  jamming  at  the  side  of  the
        material  chamber  box.    When  our
        innovative angle adjustable block (see
        below)  is  turned,  it  avoids  the  scrap
        jamming  in  the  pre-compression
        process.   This   reduces   costly
        unscheduled stops.
        This   model   also    includes    state of
        the art oil filtering technologies, cylinder
        positioning  control,  double  hydraulic
        circuits and system control monitoring.

                                                                                         The guillotine is made from
                                                                                         a single piece of cast steel
                                                                                         providing ultimate strength.
                                                                                         It   is   also   enclosed
                                                                                         providing      additional
                                                                                         support.  This also allows a
                                                                                         tray  to  be  placed  in  the
                                                                                         scrap exit.
                                                                                         It  has  extended  V-shaped
                                                                                         prismatic   guide   ways,
                                                                                         which  are  adjustable  and
                                                                                         are  automatically  greased
                                                                                         during   movement    to
                                                                                         reduce     wear     and
                                                                                         increasing       cutting

      Work in parallel or angular mode. With   By reversing the angle of the block, the   With  the  lid  then  closed,  the  scrap  is
      the powerful side compression block in   material  is  subjected  to  great  forces,   then  compressed  downward  beyond
      the   parallel   position   and   the   ensuring the whole is fully compressed.    the final closed position of the lid. The
      compression lid half closed, the scrap   This  will  practically  eliminate  any   side  compression  block  is  fully
      is compressed as far as possible. By   resistance of the material on extrusion.   extended  and  the  lid  is  finally  closed.
      selecting  the  angle  adjustable  mode                                     The log is now ready to be fed to the
      the full compression force is exerted at                                    shear head without any fear of jams or
      one end of the piece of scrap.                                              blockages.

                                                                         Industrias Hidráulicas, s.a.
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