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                                                                               Easy Maintenance
                                                                               All the cylinders can be dismantled
                                                                               at each end for easy maintenance.
        Wear Liners
        Every   part   of   the
        machine,  in  contact
        with the scrap, includes
        interchangeable  wear
        plates.    As  expected
        from  MOROS,  every
        part  is  machined  to
        ensure a perfect fit
                                                                                           The   closed   guillotine
                                                                                           structure  increases  the
                                                                                           head   strength   and
                                                                                           permits a tray in the scrap
                                                                                           outlet.    The  greased
                                                                                           guides reduce wear.

                                                                                           Quick Change
                                                                                           It  includes  a  hydraulic
                                                                                           system  to  tighten  the
                                                                                           blades  and  conveniently
                                                                                           enables   rapid   blade

                                                  Optimised Design
                                                  A number of features have been incorporated into the design to ensure
                                                  safety and efficiency, whilst maintaining productivity, such as reducing the
                                                  overall height to ease loading and the automatic greasing in the head and
                                                  hinges, as well as in the pre-compression box.
                                                  Models with a large loading and pre-compression box included as standard,
                                                  feature a torsional cylinder to reduce the wear of the lateral block wear

                                                  Different options:
                                                  This range can be added to with items such as: a container to protect the
                                                 hydraulic and electric units; extension of the pre-compression lid including
                                                 loading hopper;  a conveyor belt in the scrap outlet; anti-vibratory systems,
                                                 comprehensive enclosure…. to satisfy any customer requirement.

                                                                         Industrias Hidráulicas, s.a.
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