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        Versatile and Multi-

                                                                                      Efficient and Fast Hydraulics
                                                                                      Simultaneous movements in all
                                                                                      the  cylinders  and  the  new
        Purpose Machinery
                                                                                      technology   hydraulics   allow
                                                                                      huge  savings  in  energy.    This
        ……………………………………                                                                also  reduces  the  number  of
                                                                                      electric motors.

        The H-A range is the latest development in the MOROS stationary wing
        shear range, well known for its reinforced structure and its capability of
        working with almost every material.
        The H-A range incorporates new advantages in mechanical design,
        hydraulics  and  electronics  to  achieve  high  cutting  speeds  and
        efficiency levels never seen before in this kind of machinery.

        Exclusive MOROS Design
        The pre-compression box can be closed rapidly if you are working with light scrap,
        thanks to the combination shape in the wing, allowing the wing to move beyond
        the lid level and compress the scrap further.  With its curved and flat portions on
        the wings, this machine can also work with heavy scrap as the two wings fit neatly
        together.    Furthermore,  the  over  compression  mode  allows  scrap  to  be
        compressed in the pre-compression box.
        This range can be fitted with a bigger loading box to work with car bodies and
        bulky scrap.

                                                                    Easy Maintenance

                                                                    Split hinge shaft for easy maintenance and fast

                     TECHNICAL FEATURES                                           H-A
           TECHNICAL   FEATURES   CUTTING FORCES (tonnes)                 550; 700; 900; 1100

                                                                                5, 6 or 7
                     LOADING BOXES (metres)
                     BLADE WIDTHS (mm)
                                                                              800 to 1000
                     ENGINE POWER                                   1, 150hp unit; 2, 3 or 4 125hp unit
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